Know Everything About Bank Mode In Avast Antivirus

By | August 6, 2018

With the help of Bank Mode, you can enjoy safe online banking. It is available as a part of Avast Secure Browser.Cyber-crime is on the peak, we all know, and we will suggest you that be sure of your security before making any online transaction. These cyber-criminals remain present on public Wi-Fi networks and look for someone who is lethargic enough to put their information over an open connection. These cyber crooks could harm you if enough protection is not taken at right time. They will not stop until they get it.


It is simply an added security feature included in Avast Secure Browser. It smoothly creates an isolated Windows desktop session while you perform an online banking transaction. We can say, it’s just like your personal room that ensures no key loggers are recording your strokes and no one is watching your transaction.Bank Mode is more than helping online banking. Also, it gives enough privacy when it comes to payment information or any other sensitive data. You may use it for:

  • Online Shopping
  • Online Banking
  • Managing crypto currencies
  • Managing Investments and a lot more

Choose Bank Mode before each of your transaction, or set it to turn ON automatically in Avast Secure Browser preferences.


It smartly creates a safe space, by opening the browser in an isolated desktop environment. Even your own apps are out of its reach. The high-security walls keep Malware and another suspicious thing out, even it makes requests from within your system.


It is a security tool you can find in Avast Secure Browser. Specially built for privacy purpose by the experts,it is one of the best options. Keep yourself safe and make your Internet fun with this feature. Download Avast Secure Browser for free.
(Note: Bank Mode needs Avast Antivirus that you can download online) and feel the difference. You ’ll find yourself more secure and relax.If you need any further assistance then you may use Avast Total Support line.Or you can dial 1-866-679-0785 for the help.

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