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How To Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 0x803c010b ?

SAMSUNG is a brand popularly known for producing printing device for every individual. The devices are so nicely configured that they are best suited both for home and office use. Products of Samsung combines security, quality, and reliability along with professional output at very reasonable charges.Well, we can say that the company’s creation has bought… Read More »

How To Fix Samsung Error Code u1-231 ?

If you need help for Samsung Error Code u1-231, then you are at the right place. Here you will get troubleshooting steps to rectify this error. This particular error signifies a faulty fuse. Whenever you get trapped in such a situation where you find it difficult to come out, then a single place where you can expect… Read More »

How To Repair Dell Printers ?

Dell has brought about a complete change in the traditional form of printing by producing printers well-equipped with unbelievable features. The printer’s amazing way of working fulfills the needs of office user as well as the home user. All users want a printer that works without trouble, and Dell has made it possible with its… Read More »

How To Fix Machine Error 72 In Brother Printer ?

Originated in Japan, ‘BROTHER’ has earned a great fan following throughout the world. Today, it is a leading brand in electronics and electrical equipment sector. One of its widely accepted ad appraised product in the list is ‘Brother Printer’, whose number of users is rising at a very fast pace.But on the other side, we… Read More »

How To Reset Ink Level In Brother Printer ?

Be it a student, employee or an entrepreneur, everyone needs ‘Printer’ to accomplish their printing job. No doubt,’Brother’ is a brand, you can trust upon. Known for providing high-quality prints, the device has countless features, you have never seen before. The product is also in high demand because of its affordable rates.However, complications, glitches are… Read More »

How To Fix Lexmark Printer Driver Improper Functioning ?

Lexmark has specialization in providing affordable, multi functional and well designed devices. The products are designed for everyone regardless of the company’s size and industry’s type. Within a few years, the company has earned a high reputation and has become the world’s leading provider of high-quality printing software. The home user as well as an… Read More »


Lexmark Printers Drivers and utilities help to build a connection b/w device and home or corporate network. Numerous printers can also be connected to one network or you may share this device b/w, several users. You may enjoy some benefits when there are more than two printers under a single network. In case, one printer… Read More »

How To Clean Brother Printer Head Nozzle ?

Brother printers using inkjet technology are considered as unprotected to nozzle clogging. Not only this device suffers from this problem, but also the devices from other producers face a similar issue. Here the question comes that ‘What you need to do when print head nozzle is clogged‘? Remember that if nozzle gets clogged, you would… Read More »

How To Check Ink Level In Lexmark Printer ?

While using the printing device, it has always been a matter of question that users are not able to understand that when it’s ink will be over so that they can be ready with a backup or refill. The situation becomes bit complex when a number of users are large. For support and guidance, feel… Read More »