How To Update AOL Mail Setting ?

By | August 22, 2018

AOL Mail is free of cost service rendered by AOL. Sometimes, AOL is called as AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).It provides its customers with an experience of personalized mailing. Aol has unlimited features that encourage the users to prefer it over other email service provider. Look at some of them:

  • Safety from Spam and Viruses
  • Spelling checkup
  • Allow linking with other emails a/c from service providers like Google, Yahoo,  and  Hotmail
  • Provides email attachment limit to up to 25MB
  • Supports the protocols like POP3, SMTP, and IMAP

The basic way to personalize AOL Mail is:

Step 1- First, you need to visit the official website of AOL Mail
Step 2- Next, log in to AOL Mail account
Step 3-Just below the username, go and choose Options, followed by Mail Settings
Step 4- After then, click on the tab for the setting you wish to change

To update the general settings of AOL Mail. You may select any of the listed settings to change. And once you selected them, do remember to save them.

* Today on AOL – To check latest news, unread messages, and mail tips, click on         this box
* Sender name display- With the help of this option, you can view either sender’s         name or email id
* Reading- Selecting this box will enable you to modify your emails in your inbox
* New Mail- By clicking on this box, you can select message tone at the arrival of a      new message
* Mail Away Message- With this, you can create and enable away messages
* Auto Sign off- Choosing it will lead you to customize for automatic sign off from          AOL
* Contacts- Tap this option, to make a change on your contacts display and sorted
  To update the compose settings of AOL Mail, you can choose from the given              settings to change. Once you are  done with the compose settings, always                remember to save them to finalize it.
* Cc/Bcc – Click on this, if you like Cc/Bcc to get displayed on your AOL Mail
* Default Compose Mode – Select this to decide how your compose mail screen          looks like
* Write mail in a pop-up screen
* Write mail in full-page compose
* Write mail in a separate window
* Display Name- Tap the option, to display the name you entered while you send an    email to anyone
* Sending- With this option, you can decide how your sent messages are checked

Customizing the filter settings of AOL Mail-

By customizing them, the filters can be created to save the incoming
emails at the place of your choice. Once you created it, you can also edit/delete it from the same screen. Filters can be omitted by selecting X located next to Edit option.For creating a filter, you need to follow the steps discussed below:

Step 1- First of all, choose the Create Filter option
Step 2- Put specification of your filter
Step 3- Next, tap on save button

To edit a filter, go through the given steps :

Step 1- First, select the name of the filter
Step 2- After then, click on Edit option
Step 3- In this step, enter the change you wish to make
Step 4- At last, choose ‘Save’ option

For more information related to updation of AOL Mail, immediately dial our AOL Toll-free Number and enjoy awesome AOL Customer Service from the industry’s top technicians.

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