By | May 24, 2018

Being a user of Dell Printer, if you want to lessen the cost of printing documents, you need to use it in proper manner so as to achieve maximum output at low costs.Dell Printer come up with cost-effective qualities and to reduce the cost of printing, you must understand its complete functionality.Below discussed are some of the tips that can help you to minimize cost with Dell Printers:

Enable two-fold Printing mode:Mostly Dell Printers are enriched with dual printing technology to use both sides of the document to print.In order to use this function, you are required to activate dual of prints to create documents both side printed.If you have ignorance about this, get assure help from 'Dell Printer Support (1-866-292-4631)'.

Enable Black and White Print by Default:Guys, color printing requires toner with extra ink, consequently, printing colored documents will thus raise your cartridge filling cost.Turn off the color print output to print a document in black and white form,until there is a special need for colored printing.Please download Dell printer driver in a proper way to implement this service.

Decrease Resolution through Draft Mode:The resolution of Dell Prints are set at 600-900 DPI by default, and it consumes more extra ink.If you set your printer on draft mode, the documents will be printed at 300 DPI thus decreasing the consumption of ink on every page.In case, you face problem enabling this mode, approach Dell Printer Support.

Set Low Ink Consuming Fonts:During document printing, the amount of ink also varies as per different text fonts.Few selected fonts like Calibri, Arial, Century, Gothic, Verdana and Times Roman consume around 30% less ink while printing a document.Set up your Dell Printer to print in any of these fonts.

Check Print Preview and Use Shrink to Fit:Always check the preview to avoid printing any unnecessary document before starting printing.You should also
choose 'Shrink to Fit' document to neglect surplus printing and also get a completely aligned print on every single sheet to avoid wastage of paper.

If you want to know the hidden features of Hp Printers then you can contact HP Printer Support for the assistance.

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