How To Clean Brother Printer Head Nozzle ?

By | September 23, 2018

Brother printers using inkjet technology are considered as unprotected to nozzle clogging. Not only this device suffers from this problem, but also the devices from other producers face a similar issue. Here the question comes that ‘What you need to do when print head nozzle is clogged‘? Remember that if nozzle gets clogged, you would not get perfect printouts. Sometimes, you may have also noticed the high intensity of ink. It not only makes the document looks dirty but also leads to high consumption of ink. Therefore, you are suggested for immediate cleaning of these nozzles. ‘BROTHER PRINTER SUPPORT‘ can be availed for this purpose. In the below para, the cleaning process has been explained. You should also know that two types of devices are there. One of them is a touch screen based and another one is not touchscreen based. However, the process for cleaning nozzle is different for both the devices. Let’s us discuss them one by one:


  • First, click on “Ink” indicator and after then, press the “Cleaning” option.
  • Next, you will see options for cleaning nozzles with particular colour channels. For instance, for cleaning black nozzle, you are required to press “Black”.
  • The printer will now begin the cleaning process. It will take time to complete. You will receive a message on LCD screen, once it is completed.
  • In this step, go for taking a test print. You may select any document for this purpose. In case, you don’t get printed document as per your expectation (as it is not clean), please run the nozzle cleaning process 3 times.


  • At the very start, press “Ink” key on your device. Most of the time, the key is not found by users. That time, they should push the menu button and move to the “Ink” button.
  • In this step, press option for “Cleaning”.
  • After doing so, you will get the option for cleaning different colour channels. As mentioned earlier, you can choose the colour channel nozzle as per your choice.

You are suggested to continue the process 3 times. After that, you should go for test printing in order to check output quality. For more support and flawless tech advise, unhesitatingly make a call at Brother Technical Support Number (1-866-292-4631 )

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