How To Use Epson Connect Services for Flawless Printing ?

By | July 30, 2018

 A printer is one of the best gifts that has been offered by latest technological advancements. Out of the large number of printer brands available in market, ‘Epson’ is highly preferred by people only because of its distinctive functions. A Japanese MNC ‘Epson Inc.’ produces high-quality of printers.The printers has several versions like imaging, color,inkjet, laser, etc.Epson not only manufactures devices that print faultless documents but also provide the whole printing system. With Epson Connect, your can make your printing job more easier and faster. It’s a fine device that includes mobile services to help users to print and scan documents anywhere from the world. Anything either it is Smartphone, tablet or PC can be used to print documents and photos.


Epson connect services is a distance service that gives user the freedom to print wirelessly using their mobiles and tablets.People can enjoy email printing, remote printing, cloud printing, IPrint App, creative printing, print and scan app and partner solutions with it.In fact, it’s an excellent device to print image or document file from any place by sending it via email.The scanned file can also be printed with the help of cloud service and remote printing.In addition to this, you may also print from your Apple devices. You can print directly from the Internet using Epson remote driver option. But, be sure that you select an Epson printer model that is compatible with
this service so as you can start printing without any delay.However, almost all browsers and OS support this Epson’s service. Also, you must be careful to have a speedy Internet connection to get the most out of this service.Read the next paragraph to know more about printing services that are offered by Epson.


To get benefit of this Epson email printing facility, make sure that Epson connect is downloaded to your mobile / tablet.After then, you are required to create an a/c with Epson connect services and log in to it. After Epson connect log in, register an Epson model to the a/c that is compatible with Epson connect. You will then get an email address from Epson that is unique one for your printer. From now,you can send any file / document to this exclusive email id and can enjoy automatic printing.
With the help of Email printing, you can print whole email body including all of its attachments from anywhere.Also, you can change your printer’s email id and assign a list of senders who can send you printing jobs.
Along with this, you may suspend / resume any email printing session as per your desire.The documents to multiple recipients can also be sent with the help of this. For instance, you may send a file to your client and send it for printing at his/her office at the same time. The file types that you can print using this feature
of Epson are Word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF, GIF, etc.Maximum of 10 attachments can be sent for printing through email printing and the size of file should not be more than 20 MB.


Cloud printing can be defined as a service that help users to print a scanned document, upload it to cloud,share and store it smoothly. The users can easily scan document from their Epson connect compatible printer and send it to their designated Epson email address. Also, you have an option to print it directly or save it to online cloud storage, in case, you want to print it in future.JPEG and PDF files can be printed using this feature of Cloud printing service.Let me give you an example of cloud printing, Scanning a document and sending it to Amazon’s
Kindle service to read in future.


iPrint is a software which can be installed for free either from App Store or Google Play. You have to install application to your mobile phone or tablet PC without committing manual errors. After then, you can convert your Smart phone into a remote and start printing files from nearby Epson printer.With this, you can
print web pages, MS Office documents, image files and PDF files.The users can also scan and save a file to their device and may print it in future via email printing.
This application is however, compatible with almost all devices of Apple be it iPad / iPhone and with Android devices and tablets too. iPrint application can be used to print word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc.Hurry up!!!Download and install this app to your wireless device.All you need is an active Wi-Fi network and an Epson Connect compatible printer to print documents.


With the help of Epson remote driver, you can easily control your printing job, no matter whatever be the geographic location is.You may send printing signals to any corner of the world using print driver of your laptop. You can change print settings like page layout, number of copies, margin size, etc.After then, you may send that file for printing to any Epson Connect compatible printer.To get more out of this facility, try the method given below:

  • First of all, install remote printer driver to your pc and then put your Epson email address.
  • After then, choose that file you wish to print from any application
  • Now, choose remote printing option from your desktop and send it to the target location for final printing.

In this way, saving an email attachment can be prevented as the file is directly transferred to its destination.Remote printing provides holding time for printing up to 72 hours, in case, destination printer is not present. Operating system that support Epson remote printing are Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, and Mac.


You may also call it ‘Digital Printing’ as it allows users to take prints from digital media. For this,you need to download the creative printing app from your mobile’s app store and install it in your device.After then, add your existing Epson printer within the application either through your home / office WiFi network.People can create personalized gift cards or print black and white documents with creative printing feature.You can print directly from CD or DVD or Blue-Ray discs and generate creative projects. The service can be accessed from all Android versions of OS and from iOS and Mac OS too.

In case, if you have any query regarding this, speak to our experts at Epson Support. For this, use our toll-free Epson Connect Number (1-866-679-0785 ) that remain present for your service 24×7. Share your problems regarding Epson printer with us and get instant solutions from our team at very reasonable rates.You may also reach to our experts via mail or live chat support facilities.

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