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Loaded with fine features and latest hardware of supreme quality, Lexmark Printers have established their name in the imaging and printing industry. If you are in quest of the top-notch and seamless device, definitely you must go for ‘Lexmark’ as it will cater to all your needs.These printing devices have now become a common object both at home and office place. However, some issues are likely to occur during the course of usage. Don’t get upset, after all these are electronic devices. We need to prepare for untoward situations that might occur with these printers.The Firmware Error 900 in printers is the most common error we have heard from our users. If you don’t know what a firmware is, let me tell you. Firmware is basically a programming system or we can say an encoded message that is put on the printer’s main CPU. Being a computer software program, it is updated on a regular basis to enhance its performance. The firmware error is faced by users mainly when the software becomes expired or gets corrupted. To get rid of these issues, you may get help from Lexmark printer support.


Hiring technical support in case of such complicated issue is the best option you may go for. In this blog post,we are going to present a detailed description for our users, ‘how can they resolve 900 firmware errors in Lexmark x544 printer’.Being a software issue, the users are required to flash the firmware of their printing device.The issue can be recovered by updating the firmware using the latest code. Learn how to do this, with the given series of steps:

  • First, regulate your latest Firmware code. You may regulate your device’s firmware code with the help of insert Web Server (EWS).
  • Next, open the web browser and in the given URL field, type your printer’s IP address and hit ‘Enter’ after then.
  • You will then receive guidelines to your printer’s setting page. Tap on report followed by pressing “Device Information”
  • Look at the screen’s base to regulate your new firmware code.
  • Upgraded Printer’s firmware to the updated version available: First you need to check printer ’s firmware
  • code. Please ensure that it is at least of the level of P128. If the level is on par with P128 then move
  • with the installation as per your vendor’s site and if it is above P128, speak to Lexmark Printer Support.As there is need of expert support for the proper remedy.
  • Afterwards, please download the currently available version of firmware code.
  • To do this, you need to go to official website of your Lexmark vendor and then log in to your a/c.
  • Next, tap on “Support & download” link from your left-hand side.
  • Insert your device name in “search by product name” section and then choose your model, Lexmark code.
  • Make a click on the download type and look for the newest available version of firmware code.
  • In this step, save the file onto your PC’s system screen. Do remember where you have saved it on your pc. To make it simple, save it on your desktop.
  • Update the current firmware code for your Lexmark Printer:
  • Go to your web browser and in the URL field, please enter your printer’s IP address as described in the last steps
  • Before you, open printer settings integrate, choose “update firmware” from the options appearing on screen.
  • Now, you are required to update your firmware with the help of downloaded file that you have saved earlier on your desktop screen (as discussed in the last step).
  • Finally, your latest firmware version has upgraded. Shut down your device and Lexmark printer for some time to see whether the device makes required modifications or not.

Still, if you have any query or not satisfied with the above remedy, there is a need to consult experts at ‘Lexmark Support‘. The trained professionals will fix your error within a brief period of time. So avoid getting scared or frustrated with these technical glitches, use our toll number (1-866-292-4631) for best and pocket-friendly solutions.

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