How To Check Ink Level In Lexmark Printer ?

By | September 18, 2018

While using the printing device, it has always been a matter of question that users are not able to understand that when it’s ink will be over so that they can be ready with a backup or refill. The situation becomes bit complex when a number of users are large. For support and guidance, feel free to discuss your queries with
Lexmark Printer Support team.Well, it may happen with you, if you use a printer on regular basis. But, users of Lexmark printers are not part of such conversation. They should feel glad that Lexmark printer provides them with a utility named ‘Lexmark Status Monitor’ with the driver. With this, they can keep a watch on available ink in their device.Seriously, the tool is worthwhile that saves user’s time as well as a last-minute issue because of “Low ink”.


1.First, you need to go to the control panel by choosing “Start” option followed by          clicking on “Control Panel”.
2. From the Hardware and Sound heading tab, click on “View devices and printers”. 
3. After then, make a right-click on your Lexmark printer’s name and go to                      “Properties” on the sub-menu by selecting it.
4. Now, tap on “Printing Preferences” followed by clicking on “Maintenance” tab.
5. From the Maintenance tab, select the icon i.e just next to Lexmark Status Monitor.
6. Once you have clicked on it, you can simply view the ink level of your printing device from the heading “Ink Levels”.
7. At last, hit “OK” button to close Lexmark Status Monitor and move out from it


1. First of all, open your Internet browser, click on “File” and after then “Print”
2. Next, click on the “Properties” / “Preferences” button so as to get access to your        Lexmark printer’s settings and controls option.
3. After this, you are required to click on “Maintenance” tab and then on the icon            located next to Lexmark Status Monitor.
4. Here, you can see the printer’s ink levels indication graphic shown under the title      “Ink Levels”.The level of ink can easily be checked.
5. Once it is done, tap on “OK” button to close Lexmark Status Monitor and come          out from the next window by selecting ‘Cancel’ option

Any of the above methods can be applied by the user to check the ink level in their printer.If still have any doubt/query, contacting at toll number of Lexmark Printer customer support (1-866-292-4631)would definitely help you come out of the situation.

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