How To Fix Lexmark Printer Drivers Issues On Windows 10 ?

By | September 25, 2018

If you want to print documents, it’s mandatory to have Lexmark Printer Drivers installed on your PC. So, if you have setup Lexmark Printer but not installed its driver, then do it first. Even after installation, if your printer doesn’t print properly or doesn’t work smoothly, then it may be a case of upgrading that is related to Windows 10 Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.Actually, the printer driver is incompatible with Windows 10. So, you can remove the error by updating and reinstalling the printer driver. You may speak to Lexmark Printer Support for further knowledge.
To update the printer drivers in Windows 10, you need to carry out given steps:-

Update your printer driver manually

Step-1: First of all, open Control Panel from the Start/search button

Step-2: Next, tap on the Device Manager, which is viewed by Small icons

Step-3: In Device Manager Window, look for printer device that you want to update the driver for

Step-4: After right clicking on device name, choose Update Driver Software

Step-5: 2 options will be visible to you in the pop-up window

For updated driver software, you are suggested to choose 1st option Search automatically and follow the guidelines to install the driver. You may go for the 2nd option if you have driver files available on your PC; also browse my computer for driver software.If still, you don’t get a positive response, get sure help from experts via LEXMARK SUPPORT NUMBER (1-866-292-4631) and get rid of these tech complications

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