How To Fix Ink Cartridge Problems For Epson Printers?

By | July 27, 2018

Company Epson Inc. produces high-quality printers paired with unique features that can be used well both for home and office purpose. In spite of the excellent hardware and software that goes into making these advanced printing devices, issues tend to occur. Ink Cartridge issue is one of the most common printer errors that lead to a decrease in printing speed. The issue may take due to multiple reasons like a printer running out of ink, incorrect installation of the printer driver, and many more.Proper setup of the printer and correct use of the device may reduce the possibility of this error. If you are a newbie,you must consult with professionals to get authentic printer repair service. In this write-up, we have tried to give our user a clear idea regarding ink cartridge problems along with suitable remedy.


Ink cartridge problem shows that there is some problem with the ink level that restrains the printer to continue with its printing job. Replacing dys-functioning cartridge or refilling the ink tank may help users to address the issue. If you get an error message saying “ink cartridge says empty but full” there is something more serious behind it. Sometimes, you get error code showing “replaced ink cartridge
still not working Epson” even after you change the damaged cartridge. Read the below content carefully to understand the reasons behind these unwanted error codes.

Generally, ink cartridge problems disturb user when there is a lack of ink in ink tank or improper installation of the printer driver. An ink cartridge with a full level of ink or a new Epson cartridge may malfunction because for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect installation of the new ink cartridge
  • Refilling the ink tank in the improper way
  • Cartridge runs dry and develops issue after refilling
  • Imperfection in the cartridge monitoring chip showing error “ink cartridge says   empty but full“
  • Jamming of any foreign article inside the printer
  • Maybe the print head is dirty
  • Installation of the non-Epson ink cartridge

Some quick guidelines can be applied to make these Epson ink cartridges issues correctly. Go through the next para to get ways to solve these issues.


Before you search for an Epson printer repair center in your locality, you must try once the given steps:

  • Please make sure that tab protecting the ink from dispersing is no more available in cartridge
  • Place ink cartridge in a suitable manner inside your Epson printer
  • Clean dirty print head with a dry and clean cotton cloth
  • Reset the ink cartridge by following instructions given in the printer manual
  • Do sure that the protective tape has been removed from the ink cartridge before its installation
  • Check if any foreign article is there that is stuck inside the printer, please remove it.

If you still face error saying “replaced ink cartridge still not working Epson“, speak to our representatives Epson Support 247. The tech buddies will provide you with definite solutions.The experts at Epson Support 247 work round the clock to provide its users with reliable printer repair services. Just try our toll-free ‘Epson Printer Support Number (1-866-679-0785 ) to share queries with experts.

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